Customer Service

Customer Service of Brillenkampioen is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by email. We strive to always answer your email within 24 to 48 hours. By email you can reach us via [email protected] You can also send us a message by filling out the form. Be as accurate as possible with your question so we can handle it as well as possible.

Quality Guarantee

Brillenkampioen guarantees the best quality. We offer the best possible quality/price ratio, you get top quality products at an affordable price. In addition to some famous brands we carry, we also offer our own white-label brands. Through a selection of these products, we guarantee that these are quality products.

Warranty Policy

The statutory warranty always applies. That is what a product must do what you as a consumer in any reasonable to expect.

We always do our best to provide you the best products, through various controls and samples. In some cases it may be that you do receive a damaged product. We want to resolve as quickly as possible. Brillenkampioen guarantees your legal rights to an article in accordance with the reasonable expectations. The warranty may vary by product, but usually it is handled by replacement, repair or refund. In some cases, you can claim the manufacturer. For more information about this and other warranty questions, please contact our customer service at

Improper use

The warranty on a product may expire in fall, shock or water damage. This also applies if the defect within the expected pattern is for normal use of the article. In these cases there may not be warranty for free repair or replacement. The follow-up process is free quote for repair. Here you can go along or refrain from further settlement. When is chosen to refrain from further settlement, we can return the product at your expense or have it destroyed.